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To avoid possible reflection differences (for metallic, special effect, natural, and spectra colours), it is recommended to install the panels in the same direction as marked on the protective peel-off foil. Colour variations may occur between panels originating from different production batches. To ensure colour consistency, the total requirement for a project should be placed in one order.

Protective foil

  • To avoid residuals of glue sticking to the surface of the panels due to UV radiation, it is recommended to remove the protective foil as soon as possible after the installation.
  • The protective foils and the panel surfaces must not be marked using ink (marker), adhesive tapes or stickers, as the lacquered surfaces could be damaged by solvents or plasticizers.
  • Make sure to remove the protective foil as soon as possible after installation as weathering for a longer period could make the foil difficult to remove.

Cleaning and maintenance

The frequency of cleaning depends on the design and the degree of soiling. For further information, please refer to our brochure.


Download our new ALUCOBOND® Processing Manual as PDF file.

ALUCOBOND® Processing Manual

Storage / Handling

  • Protect ALUCOBOND® panels during storage against rain, penetration of moisture and condensation.
  • Only panels of identical size should be stacked, with a maximum of 6 panels stacked on top of each other.
  • Storage exceeding 6 months should be avoided, as it may become difficult to remove the protective foil.
  • When stacking the panels nothing should be placed in between them, as this could produce marks on the panels.


ALUCOBOND® can be fully recycled, i.e. both the core material and the aluminium cover sheets can be recycled and used for the production of new material.